Organizations looking to build the skills and competencies of their employees will benefit from the training programs Dr. Furman offers.  Highly engaging and interactive, Dr. Furman delivers content to enhance the overall engagement, performance, and productivity of your employees.

By customizing each training to the needs of your organization, Dr. Furman builds the skills of your team to enhance their behaviors and prepare them to tackle business challenges with confidence and clarity.

With 20  years of academic training and teaching experience, Dr. Furman has developed an expert knowledge of diverse learning styles and training preferences.  She implements modern training techniques and technology to enhance learning and equip your team for maximum impact on your organization.

Training sessions align with the developmental needs of early, mid, and late-stage career professionals and can assist with recruitment and retention efforts of employees.

By investing in the skills and knowledge of your team, your organization will remain competitive in the market and ultimately enhance your overall success.

Training available


: :  Generational Diversity & Inclusion

: :  Emotional Intelligence

: :  Virtual Facilitation


: :  Unconscious Bias 

: :  Women’s Career & Leadership Development Seminar

: :  Generational Diversity & Inclusion

: :  Emotional Intelligence

: :  Organizational Development

: :  Professional Development

: :  Leadership Development

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