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Frequently Asked Questions:

In what ways could I utilize Dr. Furman’s expertise for my event?
Keynote speaker, break-out session trainer/facilitator, coach, round-table discussion participant or facilitator, panelist, or consultant

How long are your programs?
Training sessions:
•  60-90 minutes: presentation of material
•  2-4 hour workshop: presentation of material with engaging exercises
•  4-8 hour training: presentation of material, engaging exercises, resources, follow-up activities
•  Multiple day training series

45-90 minutes

What is your availability?
Please complete the inquiry form to list your preferred dates and we will reply with Dr. Furman’s availability.

What do you charge?
Price varies based on topic, length, audience size, and location. Please complete the inquiry form and additional pricing information can be provided.

How are coaching sessions purchased?
Coaching sessions can be customized to your needs. You can purchase a “coaching package” that includes assessment tools and a specific number of coaching sessions, or you can purchase individual assessments and coaching sessions.

Do you specialize in specific industries?
Most content can be tailored for any industry. Dr. Furman has previous experience with the following industries: manufacturing/supply chain, agriculture, financial services, healthcare, governmental (local, state, federal), education, non-profit, retail, and research and development.

Do you require any specific AV needs?
Access to a screen and projector; lapel microphone (if microphone is needed); and audio to play videos (if available).

Are you willing to travel?
Yes. Reimbursement of travel expenses can be discussed.

Why should we hire you?
•  Academically trained subject matter expert: Doctorate of Business Administration specializing in organizational development and Masters in Professional Counseling

•  Understands and tailors towards diverse audiences and diverse learning styles

•  Highly engaging, personalized approach to services

•  High energy, humorous, witty, and comfortable with uncomfortable situations

•  Honest and authentic feedback motivated by the desire to maximize success

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