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Career Potential - Dr. Melissa J. Furman

Transformational Speaking Programs

Empowering, Entertaining, Inspiring

Experience Dr. Furman’s powerful keynote presentations designed to entertain, empower, and motivate your team. Her highly customized programs resonate across all levels, inspiring reflection, personal growth, and organizational success.

“Melissa’s session was funny, instructive, and enlightening. She presents in a way that makes attendees feel at home with the information she is sharing and wanting more. Melissa’s session was one of the most highly-rated sessions of our conference.”

Kathy Friestad

Professional Development Manager, 

Georgia Bankers Association

Dr. Furman's Speaking Programs

When you invite Dr. Furman to speak at your event or organization, you can expect a dynamic and transformative session that leaves the audience feeling inspired, empowered, and equipped with valuable practical insights. Melissa’s extensive expertise and profound understanding of organizational development, leadership development, diversity, and professional development come together to make her a highly versatile and engaging speaker. With a wealth of knowledge in these areas, she can deliver impactful presentations on a wide range of tailored topics.



Leading for Today and Tomorrow

Do you have the critical leadership skills needed to successfully lead your organization into the future? Organizations are experiencing historical levels of diversity, change, and disruption and as a result, leaders need to evaluate their abilities, preferences, and mindsets. This engaging and interactive session will provide recommendations and strategies to develop relevant leadership skills such as self-awareness, emotional intelligence, adaptability, and decision making to name a few.

Learning Outcomes:

Thriving in a Multigenerational Organization

For the first time in American history, there are five generations present in the workforce and most organizations are serving customers from six generations. As a result, leaders and employees are faced with unique challenges and opportunities due to differing mindsets, workstyles, and communication preferences. This fun, engaging session will provide knowledge, skills, and strategies to recruit, retain, engage, and serve customers and employees across multiple generations.

Learning Outcomes:

Refresh, Refuel, Recharge

Improving Adaptability, Grit, and Resiliency to Minimize Burnout and Maximize Performance

As the workplace continues to change at an accelerated rate and employees continue to experience prolonged exposure to psychological stress, skills such as adaptability, grit, and resiliency will be critical for future success. This refreshing, interactive session utilizes engaging exercises to identify signs of burnout and provide practical tools for enhancing adaptability, grit, and resiliency.

Learning Outcomes:

Navigate, Elevate, Accelerate

Ladies, are you looking for ways to maximize your success? Women are often faced with gender-specific challenges that can impact their career and professional success and this session will provide practical strategies for navigating the challenges and maximizing success. Topics include personal branding, developing impactful relationships, communicating with influence, and negotiation to name a few.

Learning Outcomes:

Secret Sauce for Organizational Success

Trust, Respect, and Accountability

Organizational leaders are navigating unique challenges as it relates to diversity, disruption, and workforce engagement. A common foundational denominator to successfully navigate these challenges are trust, respect, and accountability. This session will provide practical strategies to assess and develop trust, respect, and accountability to maximize success.  

Learning Outcomes:

Future Landscape of Labor and Talent

Organizational leaders have been navigating challenges with recruiting and retaining an engaged, qualified workforce and the challenges continue to build. This interactive session provides an overview of the workforce landscape and provides strategies for recruiting, retaining, and engaging talent to help organizations become an “employer of choice”.

Learning Outcomes:

Additional Speaking Topics

Additionally, Dr. Furman speaks on a vast array of diverse themes. Her breadth of knowledge allows her to cater to a wide range of audience interests and challenges, providing comprehensive learning experiences that transcend the conventional speaking landscape. These topics include:

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