Entertain. Empower. Motivate. Inspire.

Through highly informative and engaging keynote presentations tailored to your
organization, Dr. Furman enhances the learning of your employees with content
that resonates with everyone from entry-level employees to C-suite executives.
Leave feeling inspired and motivated to dig deep and reflect so you can succeed
both as individuals and organizations to impact the bottom line.


HR/Workforce Development
“The Future of Work: The Changing Face of Talent”
“The Future Landscape of Labor & Talent”
“Recruiting and Retaining an Engaged Workforce”
“Now Hiring: Refreshing Your Recruiting and Hiring Practices”
“Improving Adaptability, Grit, and Resiliency to Maximize Performance”

Leadership Development

“Inclusive Leadership”
“Leading for Today and Tomorrow”
“Leading and Managing During Uncertain Times”
Generational Diversity

“Managing and Leading a Multigenerational Workforce”
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

“Flipping the Script: Enhancing Communication to Develop a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Environment”
“What was I thinking? How Unconscious Bias Can Impact Your Career and the Careers of Others”
“Managing and Leading Innovation Within a Diverse Workforce”
Emotional Intelligence

“Leading from Within”
“Empathy: A Critical Tool During Uncertain Times”
Professional & Career Development

“Personal Awareness: A Tool to Maximize and Accelerate Your Success”
“Elevating and Accelerating Your Career Success”
Employee Well-Being

“Managing & Overcoming Employee Burnout”
“When Quitting is Not an Option: Overcoming Burnout”
Women’s Leadership

“What Successful Women Know that All Women Should”

Conference Coordinator

Melissa presented recently at our Women in Banking Conference, an annual gathering of women working in all areas of banking, focusing on professional and personal development. In preparation for her session, “Personal Awareness: A Tool to Maximize and Accelerate Your Success,” attendees had the option to take the Talent Insights Assessment, and Melissa explained the results during her session. After the conference, she held a follow-up call to offer a more in-depth explanation of everyone’s findings, which was hugely beneficial for the attendees. Melissa’s session was funny, instructive, and enlightening. She is ultra-professional and knowledgeable and comes extremely well-prepared. She presents in a way that makes attendees feel at home with the information she is sharing and wanting more. Melissa’s session was one of the most highly-rated sessions of our conference.

Kathy Friestad / Professional Development Manager, Georgia Bankers Association