Achieve individual and organizational growth and development through the consulting services of Dr. Furman. With 20 years of academic training and teaching experience, Dr. Furman’s expertise assists organizations in developing, designing, and implementing creative solutions for maximum impact.

Through problem identification, Dr. Furman can be a catalyst for change within your organization. Offering temporary or on-going expertise, she will provide results and not just recommendations. The business environment is ever-changing, and needs can often go unattended. By engaging Dr. Furman’s consulting services, you will obtain an objective perspective to help you improve efficiencies and accelerate the growth of your bottom line.

By developing strategies and implementation procedures, Dr. Furman will impact the engagement, performance, and productivity of your team utilizing modern tools and techniques. Always adapting her style to meet the needs of her clients, she will build your organizational capabilities and bring new life to your organization.

expertise includes:

: :  Virtual Facilitation/Environments
: :  Recruitment Strategies
: :  Retention Strategies
: :  Succession Planning
: :  Training and Development
: :  Employee Engagement
: :  Client/Customer Engagement
: :  Leadership Development
: :  Diversity and Inclusion
: :  Business Development