Business is changing at a rapid pace and the workforce is more diverse than ever with five generations represented.

Organizational leaders are confronted with challenges due to diverse mindsets, work styles, and communication styles across the five generations.

Complete this training to learn strategies and techniques to recruit, retain, engage, and train  across the five generations.

Obtaining the Certified Generational Specialist designation will enhance your ability to best serve the needs of your organizations and clients.


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Pre-Work: Generational Mindsets, Characteristics, and Communication Styles

  • 6 self-paced online video modules
  • Identify and describe characteristics, communication, and workstyles across generations.

Session 1: Organizational Implications

  • Identify and discuss challenges experienced when working with employees from multiple generations.

Session 2: Closer Look: Millennials & Gen Z

  • Build recruitment, retention, and marketing strategies tailored towards the Millennial and Gen Z generations.

Session 3: Bridging the Gap

  • Apply techniques and strategies to foster collaboration and engagement across generations.

Session 4: Training, Coaching, &  Consulting Techniques

  • Apply techniques and strategies to better design and deliver training, coaching, and consulting services to the five generations.

Pre-Work: Generational Mindsets, Characteristics, and Communication Styles

Session 1: Organizational Implications

Session 2: Closer Look: Millennials & Gen Z

Session 3: Bridging the Gap

Session 4: Training, Coaching, &  Consulting Techniques


  • The program is design for individual participation; therefore, please do not share a computer or workspace with another person during this workshop.  Participants completing this training will receive a (1) certificate of completion, (2) Certified Generation Professional designation, and are eligible to (3) receive 10 CEU or PDC credits.
  • Participation in all online sessions at their currently scheduled day and time is mandatory to receive a completion certificate and any applicable credits. In addition to full participation, participants must complete your post course evaluation to receive your certificate.
  • To maximize participant learning, active participation is required throughout the training to receive credit for the class. Active participation includes, but is not limited to, participating in virtual classroom activities, discussions, intersession work, and post-course evaluation.


  • A laptop or desktop with internet capability is required for this training. It is not recommended that a phone, tablet, or iPad is used in lieu of a laptop or desktop.


  • After each live session, participants will be e-mailed a link to complete intersession work and a quiz.  The purpose of the quiz is to assess your learning while also informing the instructor of concepts that may need reinforcing during the next session. A passing grade of 80% or above is required to receive a completion certificate and if participants do not achieve a passing grade of 80%, a second attempt will be provided.

Dr. Melissa Furman, MS, DBA


Dr. Melissa Furman’s passion for guiding individuals with career, professional, and leadership development inspired her to launch Career Potential to help individuals achieve and organizations succeed. As the owner and founder of Career Potential, Dr. Furman provides consulting and delivers highly engaging and interactive training sessions.

Dr. Furman previously served as the assistant dean and currently serves as a faculty member at the James M. Hull College of Business at Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia and with the Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE)-Savannah Campus. Her research includes generational diversity, unconscious bias, career and leadership development, emotional intelligence, and assisting technical professionals transition into management roles.

With 20 years of academic training and experience, Dr. Furman is known as a subject matter expert and provides a knowledge of diverse learning styles. Using modern techniques and technology she delivers engaging, relatable content. She offers organizational consulting services to corporate, non-profit, and government organizations, as well as serves as a speaker at state, national, and international conferences.

Dr. Furman obtained her Doctorate of Business degree and Masters of Science degree in Professional Counseling from Georgia State University and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Susquehanna University. She is a National Certified Counselor (NCC) and has obtained multiple certifications to be able to administer assessment tools that measure behavioral styles, emotional intelligence, leadership development, and career development to name a few.

Dr. Furman was recently awarded “Faculty Member of the Year” by the Augusta University Student Government Association, designated as a “Top 10 in 10 Young Professional to Watch” by the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce, and nominated for Georgia Trend Magazine’s “Top 40 under 40”.


Krista S. Sheets


Krista has been creating ROP = Return on People™ for clients since 1997. Her approach equips team leaders with a set of powerful objective tools that yield measurable results. Her companies are trusted by Financial Professionals, Government Agencies, and corporations of all sizes. Together they develop team performance strategies to unlock growth potential and fine-tune the intra-team dynamics needed for success.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Krista realized from an early age that people were an organization’s greatest asset. This perspective led her to become a respected expert in the behavioral and motivational elements that can make or break a team. Part mentor, part team architect, Krista shows clients how to apply assessment tools and organizational best practices to consistently produce highly-engaged and high-performing teams.

Krista speaks frequently at industry conferences and discussion panels. She often contributes articles and interviews to trade publications and co-authored the book, “Know Service – 5 Steps to 5-Star Service for Financial Professionals.”

As President of Competitive Edge, Inc., Krista sets corporate strategy, develops partnerships, and engages clients as the company’s lead trainer.